We believe in starting with a YES to see where it takes us. By applying the rules of improv, we infuse the practice of saying “yes, and” to move forward and illuminate light-bulb moments with your brand. That’s our process for getting to your big idea.



We’re a Swiss army knife – the MacGyver of video. At every angle of production we aim to minimize cost with our ingenuity and creative thinking while delivering first-rate, professional videos. We can accomplish extraordinary feats with just a paper clip and a roll of duct tape.



Video is the new voice; it’s how your brand shares its story across digital platforms. We can help boost your video marketing strategy and increase ROI by providing shareable, easy-to-understand statistics about your videos. Sharing is caring.

business / promotional

Video is like coffee; it’s essential in the workplace. If you could communicate, build brand, develop talent and increase sales across the globe with just one click – why wouldn’t you? Video provides the most information in the shortest amount of time delivering value to your colleagues and customers. Is your business ready for it’s close-up?

live events

Events end. Videos last forever. Let our lens immortalize the moments you can play back again and again. We work with you to determine the production size and scope based on your budget so you can focus on the fun. Go ahead and dance like no one is watching!

alternative videos

Every idea deserves a video. Whether you’re launching a company, kick-starting a product, or you have the urge to share something with the world, Yes And Video loves to collaborate. Put us in the sandbox, we play well with others.

additional services

We produce more than just videos. Below is a collection of other services we provide. Need something other than what is listed? Don’t hesitate to ask. You’d be amazed by what we have hidden up our sleeves.

sales / product
executive interviews
hr / recruiting / culture
about us
internal communications
press releases
customer service testimonials


corporate events
parties / galas Fundraisers
award ceremonies
once-in-a-lifetime moments

crowd funding
tutorial / how-to

green screen interviews
voice-over recording
script writing
creative direction

our customers love us

here’s the playback

“Over the last several years, Brooks Running has enlisted Yes and Video for dozens of videos, creative concepts, and large-scale productions. Kevin Lyons and company make a deep and genuine effort to understand our brand and culture—and no matter our desired message or audience, Yes and Video delivers. The finished product is always on the mark, crafted with Kevin’s unique and magical mix of energy, creativity, and technical success. These hits keep Brooks looking forward to our next collaboration with Yes and Video.”

Jim Weber

CEO / Brooks Sports

“YES and Video has been an incredible partner for Brooks.  Over the past few years we have worked very closely with Kevin and team on internal and customer facing projects.  Kevin and his team are incredibly creative people that work very hard to understand our brand and bring it to life through their work.  We think of them as part of our company.”

Dan Sheridan

Executive VP, GM North America / Brooks Sports

“When we needed help creating more innovative, friendly, and memorable video content, Yes And Video was the perfect choice. They helped harness ideas into themes, and made sure the videos were something that would not only work today, but would have timeless appeal. Our firm didn’t have anyone with on-camera experience before, but Kevin and his team really put everyone at ease. We are so happy with what Yes And Video created for us that we want them to do more with our team for the next project. AND, we got everything done in the timeslot requested, and videos delivered early!”

Karl Burns

Business Development Manager / T-Mobile

“Yes And Video is excellent. Kevin is professional, creative, and fun to work with. He turned my seed of an idea into a really high-quality and funny advertisement for my company. I can’t recommend Yes And VIdeo enough.”

Alex Grindeland

Owner and Manager / CSz Seattle

“I reached out to Yes and Video and it was clear within minutes I would be working with them. They understood right away how I wanted to represent my landscape company through a video. It was important to me that my personality shined through and that we have fun; Yes and Video achieved that.”

Greg Hartley

Owner / Rain Or Shine

“We set out to make a product video for Resale Therapy and all we knew is that we wanted a good one. Yes & Video certainly knows what makes for a great product video! A week of planning, 14hrs of shooting, some editing, and we were presented with 76 seconds of pure joy!”

Brent Wittke

Founder, CEO / Resale Therapy

“Kevin is collaborative, funny and quick. But that is not why working with him is powerful. Kevin lives on both sides of the camera. An avid showman, that knows how a body needs to behave to show up for an audience who is an adept director, writer, interviewer, editor, inspirer –living behind the camera. I highly recommend him.”

David Lemley

President & Founder / Retail Voodoo

“We used Yes And Video for video content on our updated website. From the outset, Kevin was a pleasure to work with. He helped us map our ideas in to cohesive plans of action to tell a story of who we are and what we do. Filming was fun, video editing was fast, and Kevin was very responsive with additive ideas and a great sense of humour! We look forward to working with Yes And again.”

Julian Power

Creative Director / Taphandles

“Yes and…” is how I feel every time i work with Yes and Video. They generate concepts and ideas that we can’t help but build upon to create something bigger. No matter how small or large our budget, Yes and Video comes with ideas we love and an approach to creative development that is collaborative, iterative and fresh.”

Heather Snavely

VP Marketing / PCC Natural Markets

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We’re creatives. We keep odd hours. We drink a lot of coffee and we love a good brainstorm. Give us a call to plant your idea seed and let’s say “yes, and” together.

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