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Video is like coffee; it’s essential in the workplace. If you could communicate, build brand, develop talent and increase sales across the globe with just one click – why wouldn’t you? Video provides the most information in the shortest amount of time delivering value to your colleagues and customers. Is your business ready for it’s close-up?


sales / product
executive interviews
hr / recruiting / culture
about us
internal communications
press releases
customer service testimonials

live events

Events end. Videos last forever. Let our lens immortalize the moments you can play back again and again. We work with you to determine the production size and scope based on your budget so you can focus on the fun. Go ahead and dance like no one is watching!


corporate events
parties / galas Fundraisers
award ceremonies
once-in-a-lifetime moments

alternative videos

Every idea deserves a video. Whether you’re launching a company, kick-starting a product, or you have the urge to share something with the world, Yes And Video loves to collaborate. Put us in the sandbox, we play well with others.


crowd funding
tutorial / how-to

additional services

We produce more than just videos. Below is a collection of other services we provide. Need something other than what is listed? Don’t hesitate to ask. You’d be amazed by what we have hidden up our sleeves.


green screen interviews
voice-over recording
script writing
creative direction

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